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All our products comply with European safety standards and comply with European regulations and international regulations. They are not toxic and anyone can use them.

KLIMT products are high quality and high elasticity and once you can shower, go to the beach, play sports and bathe in the pool. They are attractive during the day and also for the night parties.

We have different solutions for the exhibition of the product. We always try to have the best packaging. We want your design to be very attractive and its immediate visual impact and also to be totally recyclable.
In addition, we incorporate various technologies such as double seal (also inside), which once violated is indicative that the product has already been opened.

Always have 2 QR codes. The first, on the outside of the packaging, for its direct redirection to our website and another, inside that redirects the user to a video tutorial to see how to apply the product.
Our commitment is to provide creative solutions to surprise our customers. For this, we have a strict sales policy with our customers and not through the usual channels of distribution.

Decades of experience, as well as knowledge of the production processes, regulations and certifications of each of our products, ensure quality solutions.
Can you give us some advice? If you find a KLIMT, do not let it escape.
KLIMT is a registered trade mark. All rights reserved. International Patent Pending.