We produce water slide ceramic decals, temporary tattoos, nail decals, stickers, textile transfers and printed electronics like sensors.


The advantage of water slide decals is a decoration without problems even on objects with a complex design.

Due to their flexibility and adaptability our decals can be applied on non-flat articles or 3D. 

Peelable decals  adapt to the form of the object whereas vinyl stickers get creased and open up a way of decorating complex objects as cup & saucer table top ceramics easily.


For more than 70 years our water slide ceramic decals  have been produced with the highest quality standards to ensure we remain amongst the best world’s printers. 

An on glaze collection for firing (720- 820ºC) on porcelain, fussing glass, bone china, tiles, ceramics, enameled iron and other vitreous items.


Are high quality temporary tattoo for your body and water slide nail decals.

Klimt is an easy way to be fashionable and innovative for professionals and end users. 

An excellent alternative to other methods of cosmetic decoration such as nail polish and permanent tattoos.


Our contribution to solve this problem, together with an important tire manufacturer, has been to develop a new anti-slip water slide decal generation of whose surface (with ceramic particles that prevent its wear) reproduces identically the grooves of a high-competition tire.

They are designed to evacuate all the water that could be between your foot and the decal.

We guarantee that with an adequate adhesion of the decal to your bathtub or shower tray you will avoid a fall. 

There is no aquaplaning.

There is no loss of control.

There is no accident.